Wedding Perfume Bar (Wedding Doorgift Malaysia), a perfumery DIY experience interpret the loves story
of a newlywed’s  couple and expand the scent of love into a gift
for the beloved guests and bringing back the joy.

Miyaki Perfume Lab has established since 2014 and we are the first wedding and event perfume bar in Malaysia and Singapore. Besides perfume bar, we have extended and launched a new doorgift concept in 2022, which is Perfume Sanitizer Bar.  

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Wedding Doorgift Malaysia


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3-in-1 Perfume Bar Experience

Miyaki’s wedding and event Perfume Bar is a brand new trend and concept in 2020 and we are the first in Malaysia. Perfume Bar combined 3-in-1 concept such as doorgift, entertainment and decoration to amaze your event!

We are creating a pleasant and unforgettable time with fragrance concept reconnecting the newly-weds and the guests with the selected fragrance base, to create a personalise perfume as their doorgift.

Miyaki’s DIY香水伴手礼是第一个在马来西亚带动的全新潮流我們用香水的概念創造了一段令人愉快和難忘的時光,用香味連結新婚夫婦和賓客,DIY一款個性化的香水


Wedding Door-gift | Wedding Present | Wedding Souvenir

Event Door-gift | Event Present | Event Souvenir

婚礼礼物 | 婚纱 |婚礼教堂|结婚

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