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MIYAKI Perfume Lab it’s not just about myself and a brand. It is about my passionate towards woman’s beauty and confident. We has established since 2014 and we are the first wedding and event perfume bar in Malaysia and Singapore. Besides perfume bar, we have extended and launched a new doorgift concept in 2022, which is Perfume Sanitizer Bar.  

Miyaki Lee, the owner of Miyaki Perfume Lab have invariably been drawn to differing types of smell since childhood, and realize inspiration in everything she see around her. Most fragrances tend to evoke completely different reminiscences.

Scents is something fun and miracles, even our mood can be affected by scent. This has formed and influenced her aesthetics style over the years. She strongly believe that beauty is more than just visible to the eye. “Smells are invisible, and we have to figure out what the source is and work backwards from that”.

Hence, her perfume lab journey has begun. It’s not just limited to what we see and feel but something invisible that create impactful changes for women. This is very interesting as we are using the scent, banking on the ability to tap into people’s emotions and memories using stories, whether the story is our own or the one we have crafted for them.

After years of handwork and progress, she have successfully diversified different perfume products such as body perfume, hair perfume, perfume lotion, perfume shower gel, perfume soap bar, perfume home fragrance, perfume body scrub and there would be more coming soon!

“We can applied a same lipstick, wearing similar outfits but everyone is irreplaceable.” Even if we are using the same perfume, it will bring a different surprise.

“Perfume is like a personal signature, which is the reason why i love the most! ”, said by Miyaki Lee.




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Why Choose Us?

  • Our fragrance expertise are expert in this industry for more than 10 years
  • A luxury brand products with affordable price
  • We ensure the long lasting fragrance to keep your perfectly
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